I have been following Rob Cook and his story for a little while now.  And pretty much the entire time I have wanted to do something to help.  It's always just been a question of "How?”  I regretfully spent a lot of time pondering over things, asking myself too many questions.  It wasn't until a post in March that I thought "If not me, who? If not now, when?"

The 'Who' and the 'Why' were easy to answer, but I couldn't settle on answering the 'How'. 

One day he posted about how he wanted to go to a Blue Jays game and it got me thinking. I wanted to help provide Rob and Tyler that experience. For some reason, that specifically was an experience I wanted to see happen for them.

I knew having the capability to produce some shirts was the best bet to raise some money. More money than I could possibly give out of my own pocket. 

I approached Harley and presented him with my idea and without hesitation he was involved. I knew his art would not only be something that people would like and buy, as well as embody the 'spirit' of what we wanted to accomplish. It would serve as a great way for people to show their support for Rob and Tyler. I was so excited that Harley of all people was involved in this and helped get this going and I am eternally thankful because without him that design wouldn't be available and without him I wouldn't have had that extra little push to take this to the next step.

While Harley was working on the design a post was made that Tickets had been acquired to a Blue Jays game. Someone beat us to the punch, so to say. But I wasn't the least upset. Rob and Tyler are getting that experience he wanted and I’m happy as fuck that they are getting that. 

It just meant a slight change in the plan, which worked out just fine, because now instead of focusing on this smaller goal, why not look at the big picture? So it only made sense to raise as much as possible to contribute to EVERY experience possible that they desire and that EVERY dollar goes into the pot so it is there when they need it and for whatever they need it for. 

I sincerely hope every penny goes towards creating the greatest summer possible for both Tyler and Rob. The goal right from the start is to give them great experiences together, which in turn will become cherished memories.
My heart goes out to them both as they embark on this together and I hope that people who purchase an item wear it proudly and share this page and Rob's Go Fund Me page.

                  Please share and support the SUMMER OF ROB